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June 2017 Meeting


DWMC is an auxiliary group of the Democratic Party of Moore County. We average nearly 150 women members, and we are by far the most active sub-group of our county party. DWMC supports Democrats and Democratic causes at every level. We contribute time, energy and finances to our local and state party, and of course we support the national efforts of the Democratic Party.

Our meetings are intended to make Democratic Women more knowledgeable about the state of the world, and our monthly meetings bring in speakers who address critical issues. When elections are taking place we also invite candidates from throughout the county and the state to speak to us. Meetings are held nearly every month at the Pinehurst Village Hall on the second Saturday of the month at 9:30 AM.

A little of our history: The motto of the North Carolina Democratic Women is: “Women are the majority. We harness the power.”  The National Federation of Democratic Women was founded in 1971, and exists “in support of women’s voices”. In 1971, the Federation gained recognition from the Democratic National Committee as the official women’s organization and received a seat on the DNC Executive Committee and three seats on the DNC.

Fundraising, voter education and support for our candidates are good reasons to join our organization. But just as important to members is the fellowship and mutual support of women who take active roles in the political life and governance of North Carolina. As a result, we do more than just meet. DWMC grows important relationships among the women of our county who are committed to the principles of the Democratic Party. So, while our Saturday morning meetings aim to educate us on the issues, we are also a social group, evidenced by our new members’ brunch and our holiday party. Our members are always asking about ways to be more involved, so we’re all about ACTION as well!

If you are a Democratic woman living in Moore County and looking to make a difference in your community and would enjoy doing so alongside other women who share your values and beliefs, please consider joining us. With annual dues of just $25, we are not only a great bargain, but a strong, collective voice for Moore County Democratic women who are tired of standing alone and feel unheard. If we sound like the kind of group that you would like to be a part of, we welcome you to come check us out at an upcoming meeting!

Upcoming Democratic Women of Moore County Meetings

“Point and Counterpoint”: What Is the Media Role?

by John Rowerdink and Darlene Dunham

Uncensored News Remains Foundation of Democracy

Darlene R. Dunham, president of the Moore County Democratic Women, lives in Southern Pines.


Lately, it seems, the media are receiving as much critical attention, if not more, than the events and people they are reporting upon.

This is not a new phenomenon. Reporting the news has always been a hazardous occupation. Those who have delivered the news have frequently been on the receiving end of increased scrutiny, often cloaked in the ire of those who have not agreed with what was written or said. History is rife with examples.

Plutarch, in his “Lives,” is one of the earliest to illustrate a case of “shooting the messenger” when the news was not, in this case, to the liking of Tigranes of Armenia. He promptly cut off the head of the man delivering the unwelcome report.




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