• Trump claims ‘vindication’ from Comey testimony, calls him a ‘leaker’

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    June 9 at 10:11 AM  

    President Trump broke his public silence Friday morning on former FBI director James B. Comey’s testimony to Congress in the Russia probe, accusing him in a tweet of lying under oath and calling him a “leaker.”

    A day after he had allowed surrogates to respond for him, Trump took to Twitter to attack Comey directly, writing: “Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication … and WOW, Comey is a leaker!”

    Trump’s statement came as surrogates fanned out to defend the president and his personal lawyer was preparing to file a “complaint” early next week over Comey’s testimony to the Department of Justice’s Inspector General’s Office and the Senate Judiciary Committee, according to a person close to the legal team.  Read the full article HERE

    And about that impeachment possibility …

    According to Indivisible, Impeachment is a process, and the time to begin is now.

    Impeachment Toolkit: Are your Members of Congress standing up for the integrity of our democracy, or siding with Trump and his cronies in trying to hide the truth? Here’s an explainer of the process of impeachment and the questions you should be asking your Members of Congress about where they stand on the need for impeachment hearings and an independent commission into Russia’s interference in our election.

  • Some actual facts to know about Trump’s climate policy debacle

    The good people at Think Progress have a healthy dose of truth and facts … that are worth absorbing in light of the prevaricator-in-chief’s announcement yesterday that he will be doing his best to hasten the demise of life on Earth as we know it.

    From Samantha Page’s story, “Trump’s argument for withdrawing from Paris agreement contains multi-trillion dollar math error”:

    “Trump claimed that U.S. commitments under the Paris accord would cost the country’s GDP $3 trillion, but the report he took that estimate from ‘does not take into account potential benefits from avoided emissions.’

    In other words: The study did not account for any benefits of participating in a global plan to avoid the worst effects of climate change. It is a report on climate mitigation that ignores climate change. The report also does not consider the economic benefits to renewable energy industries, nor does it consider the health costs that are associated with fossil fuel pollution.”

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  • Trump Impeachment Talk Grows From Conspiracy Theory To Mainstream





    The elephant in the room whenever talking about President Trump and the Russia investigation is the big “I” word — impeachment.

    The word had been in the not-so-far reaches of liberal conspiracy talk since Trump was elected. There is a website with more than 976,000 signatures on a petition encouraging Congress to impeach Trump. There is even an “Impeach Donald Trump” Twitter handle.

    It is highly unlikely — almost zero chance — that Trump would be impeached by a Republican Congress.


  • Divided Senate Republicans Turn to Health Care With a Rough Road Ahead

    From Robert Pear of The New York Times

    The top Republican in the Senate, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, has a reputation as a shrewd tactician and a wily strategist — far more than his younger counterpart in the House, Speaker Paul D. Ryan.

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  • Obamacare repeal vote upends 2018 House landscape

    This week’s vote to replace Obamacare has scrambled the 2018 House landscape, jeopardizing Republican lawmakers across the country and potentially endangering the party’s longstanding grip on the chamber.

    “With this vote or not, we were headed to one of the most competitive, shifting, and volatile mid-year congressional elections in a number of years,” said Nick Everhart, a veteran Republican strategist who is working on a number of 2018 contests.


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