Wrap up of the District Eight Convention

Greetings Moore County Democrats:

It seems that every day brings us many more reasons for us to be proud and excited to be Moore County Democrats. Saturday, many of us attended the 8th Congressional District Convention in Biscoe. As we arrived, a little before 10, we were greeted by the District Chair with the observation that, among the many people already gathered at the high school, most were from Moore County. What a great way to start our day!

Overall, our delegation had 44 people there (at our best count), 40 of whom were voting delegates. There are all or parts of 7 counties in the district, and we had, by far, the largest contingent present.

Before the convention got under way a group of us met with some of the delegates from Montgomery County. We were there to find out how they succeeded in taking Democratic control of their County commission. The short version is that they actively recruited and picked good county wide candidates, and they worked the precincts tirelessly. They held meetings in the precincts, walked door to door, (every door, not just the Democrats), had younger people involved at the polls, actively fundraised for the candidates and were involved and visible at every function possible. In short, they just worked extremely hard in every way possible. We thank them for taking the time to sit with us and share their ideas and history.

Our delegates were involved in all the activities during the day, entering into discussions and offering insight and suggestions as the day went on. Every one of us was present and involved, not just there. It was a great experience. We even sang happy birthday to Devonte Williams, our Eastwood Precinct Chair, who was also elected 3rd vice-chair of the district. Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, a good friend of Moore County, gave the keynote address and she sought me out on stage to congratulate us on the great turnout we had.

We were the only County to present any resolutions for submission at the next SEC meeting. Of the three we sent on from our County Convention (see attached), two were passed on to the next level. After much discussion and amendment, we were successful in getting James Laney’s resolution concerning school funding and Elizabeth Manley’s resolution concerning non-partisan redistricting moved forward. Unfortunately, the resolution concerning bringing more voters into the Democratic fold, via a working group formed by the state party, from the North Southern Pines precinct and Bob Howell, was defeated in a counted ballot. This was not due to any disagreement with the principles stated, but only that the spirit of the resolution was already being implemented by the Party.

There was one additional resolution submitted to the convention from the floor by Montgomery County. It called for the removal of a Confederate flag from in front of a fire house in the Uwharrie Fire District. This issue has caused a great deal of discussion and concern among the county citizens, and, to date, no one in any position to do so has been willing to see that it is removed. The resolution asks that every means be used to see that the flag is taken down forever. The resolution passed unanimously, with no amendments.

The other primary reason for the convention was the election of the district officers. The following slate was presented by the nominating committee.

Chair – Dylan Frick, Stanley County
1st Vice-Chair – Sona Cooper, Cumberland County
2nd Vice-Chair – Christina Davis-McCoy, Hoke County
3rd Vice-Chair – Devonte Wilson – Moore County
Secretary – Carol Anderson, Cabarrus County
Treasurer – Bill Johnson, County Unknown

The slate was elected as presented by acclimation.

I want to thank every one of you who attended the convention and everyone who supported our attendance. I know that there were several people who, because of other commitments or illness were unable to attend, but I know they were all there in spirit.

It is so gratifying to be among such a dedicated group of people who are willing to step out and do what they see as right and proper.

Thank you all again,

Chairman, Moore County Democratic Party


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