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Democrats smell opportunity in the South after Virginia rout
National Democrats are seeing glimmers of electoral hope flickering across the deep-red South for the first time in years.  Fresh off sweeping victories in Virginia, and eyeing a possible historic upset in Alabama, the party is looking ahead to a political environment next year defined by both energized liberal base voters and discouraged conservatives. That, combined with an intraparty GOP war, has liberal leaders taking a new look at Senate, gubernatorial and House races in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina and Mississippi, in addition to next month’s contest in Alabama.  One or two upsets in the South next year could be the difference in which party controls the Senate after next year’s midterms.
Democrats plainly smell opportunity… “Trump winning is the best thing that happened to Democratic politics here in a long time,” said South Carolina lawyer Boyd Brown, a former state legislator and Democratic National Committee member. “It’s unfortunate that we have to suffer through him to revitalize a dead party, but he’s the best thing since sliced bread.”  Read more …

Poll: Trump, Burr, Tillis All Hugely Unpopular With N.C. Voters
A new poll from Elon University shows that the approval ratings President Trump and Republican Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr are far underwater among North Carolina voters.
Trump’s approval stands just shy of 37 percent—a slight improvement from last month’s 34.4 percent rating in the same poll, owing entirely to a slight rise in Republican support. More interestingly, though, are the numbers for Burr and Tillis, the latter of whom will be up for reelection in 2020. (Burr says he will retire when his current term ends in 2023.) They both trail Trump in support: Burr’s approval rating is 31 percent; Tillis’s, just 28 percent.  Part of their problem is that significant majorities of Trump voters don’t think they’re sufficiently supportive of the president. Indeed, 27 percent of Trump voters disapprove of Burr, and 21 percent disapprove of Tillis. Overall, 38.5 percent of voters believe the senators should back Trump more than they already do.
Roy Cooper, meanwhile, is holding steady, with 49 percent approval—including a 30 percent approval from Republicans—and 30 percent disapproval. He’s doing far better than Pat McCrory was at this point four years ago.  Read more, and view entire poll…

13% of NC households would face a tax increase under Senate GOP tax plan
A new report finds that the Senate tax plan, which was just introduced on Nov. 9, would raise taxes on some families while giving the largest share of tax cuts to wealthy Americans and foreign investors. According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, of those tax cuts that would benefit households in the U.S., more than a quarter would go to the richest 1 percent and half would go to the richest 5 percent.
The middle fifth of income earners in America, households that are literally America’s middle-class, would get just about a tenth of the tax cuts.
In North Carolina, analysis shows that 50 percent of the federal tax cuts would go to the richest 5 percent of residents, and 13 percent of households would face a tax increase, once the bill is fully implemented. Importantly, as the report states, “One might think that the richest Americans would receive the largest tax cuts simply because they have most of the income. But even when measured as a share of income, the tax cuts for the richest five percent of Americans are more generous than the tax cuts for other income groups.”  Read more …

Despite new law, NC prescription database used by 1 in 4 doctors
Database could help curb opioid epidemic, but investigation shows doctors aren’t using it

Some experts call a statewide prescription database the single greatest tool for combating the growing opioid epidemic in North Carolina, but a WRAL investigation found that fewer than one in four doctors use it.   The STOP Act, signed by Gov. Roy Cooper in July, requires doctors, dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists to track prescriptions for controlled substances in schedules II through V, including opioid pain medications, through the state’s Controlled Substances Reporting System database. The database shows a patient’s opioid prescription history.  Improper reporting would carry a civil penalty. But in North Carolina, despite the law, the tool may not be fully deployed for years.  Read more …

UNC Board of Trustees face growing pressure to remove Silent Sam
At a rally on campus Tuesday and a UNC Board of Trustees meeting Thursday, those who oppose the statue again called for its removal and decried the recently revealed UNC Police operation that infiltrated the protest movement using an undercover officer.
UNC History Professor William Sturkey spoke at a rally on campus Tuesday, saying the undercover operation undercut the central values of the university.  Read more …



I Ran the Worst 5K of My Life So I Could Explain Gerrymandering to You
From  By Jeremy Markovich
The Gerrymander 5K wasn’t even a 5K. It was a quarter mile too long. It wasn’t timed. There was no exact finish line. The beginning was improvised. “I’ve never done this before,” shouted the starter, “so let’s just do 1-2- 3 go, OK?”  I knew going in the race wasn’t meant to be competitive. It was a publicity gimmick, dreamed up by the League of Women Voters in Asheville, North Carolina, to draw attention to what it considered an egregious example of gerrymandering by Republicans after the 2010 census. The race course, which featured a slightly sadistic series of speed-sucking hills and tight turns, followed the meandering dividing line between North Carolina’s 10th and 11th congressional districts. The route might have been challenging for runners, but it was perfect if you were running a campaign as a Republican.  Read more …



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 The NC Democratic Party is all about DREAMers!

On Tuesday, September 5th, the Trump administration, led by Attorney General Jeff Session, announced that in six months the Administration will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.  President Obama’s 2012 program allows undocumented immigrants who arrived in the US as children to be protected from deportation, while also allowing them to work legally, obtain a driver’s license, pursue an education, and contribute to our society.

Following are the talking points which the NCDP recommends we use in defending DACA:

• The president has cruelly decided he wants to remove from our country nearly 800,000 people who want nothing more than a better life and to contribute to our country.
• Trump and Republicans own this. They are forcing almost one million people back into the shadows. These people are our coworkers, our classmates, and our neighbors. This action will only tear families apart and make our communities less safe.
• If Congress does not act immediately, Trump will have dealt a devastating blow to our economy and our national security by heartlessly targeting immigrants who were brought to the U.S. when they were just children.
• Protecting the DREAMers is the smart thing to do for our economy, and it’s the right thing to do for nearly 800,000 of them who live, study, and work here.
– More than 27,000 North Carolinians contribute more than $1 billion to our economy. It’s shameful, and hurts our state’s economy,        to push them back into the shadows.
• It’s time for Congressional Republicans to put politics aside and give DREAMers the opportunity to continue chasing the American dream.
– They represent our country’s future and are already making invaluable contributions to our economy.
– Nearly two-thirds of Americans support protecting DACA and allowing DREAMers to continue going to school, creating businesses, and contributing to our society.
• Democrats believe our diversity is our greatest strength.  We will always fight for hardworking families and a smart, sensible immigration system.

Click on the link at the top of this page to view contact information for our elected representatives in Washington.

Take a moment to let them know where Democrats, and 80% of Americans, stand! 





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Moore County Economic Snapshot

The economic picture of counties throughout North Carolina is clearer today with the release of the county-by-county snapshots by the NC Justice Center.  It’s more apparent than ever that the economic reality for North Carolinians varies greatly depending on where you live and work; where you live can affect your ability to get ahead.

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